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The RB-1 / RB-2 retractable barrier has been developed to provide a user-friendly access control with high throughput & good aesthetic look for higher security applications where a visual/physical barrier is required. The RB-1/2 provide a solution to the common problems faced by the modern business environment, such as quick access for staff & visitors, while protecting assets,
information & personnel from the danger of unauthorized entry, in an aesthetic environment.RB-1/2 consists of two or more adjacent housings with a barrier panel to create high-speed pedestrian walkways.Further housings (with two barrier panel & electronics back to back in one housing called as inter lane) may be inserted to increase the number of lanes of access. The RB-1/2 is truly bi-directional. The barrier panel react with a valid card read & retract inside the housings (inc
normally closed applications). In normally open mode of application flaps are always open.

Siva inbuilt micro-controller based controller offers optoisolated inputs & outputs for interfacing with external devices & is compatible with all types of access control readers, card based, biometric etc.

  1. Opening time: 0.5 second

  2. Drive systems incorporate highly reliable torque controlled DC servo motor / (Optional) Torque motor Any access
    control device compatible.

  3. Passage clearance 520 or 900 mm

  4. High throughput

  5. Optical beams for safety movements

  6. Bi-directional control

  7. CE Approved

  8. Close mode of operation / Normally Open (optional)

  9. Ensures rapid, efficient & safe access control.

  10. Opto-isolated inputs & outputs for interfacing external device

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  Technical Data
Parameter Unit RB-I RB-2
Opening/closing time S 0.5 0.5
Protection IP 54 54
Voltage VAC 230 230
Current A 1 1
Frequency Hz 50 50
Duty cycle % 100 100
Length MM 660 1120
Width MM 300 300
Height MM 1000 1000


Entrance & exit points in corporate offices, manufacturing units, amusement park, where controlled access is essential but both aesthetics & pedestrian throughput is major concern.

Typical installations sites :

  • Zoos / Park Corporate houses.

  • Shopping Mall Railway stations

  • Airports Sports Complex

  • Museums BPO / Call Centers


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